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Michael Lee


I love London! I grew up in Mississauga and started going to church when I was sixteen. An encounter with God gradually changed the way I viewed the world and my place in it. Never imagined I would become a Pastor!

As a young adult I was writing monologues and ministering at youth events and working at 100 Huntley St in downtown Toronto when I felt a leading to go to Bible College to learn more about what I believed. From Graduation from Eastern Pentecostal Bible College I moved to London as a youth Pastor in 1986. Served for eleven years in that capacity. I became a Senior Pastor here in North London in 1997. Started working on my Master’s in 1999. A wife, a church and three young children. This might have been easier back in the 80’s.

Graduated from Tyndale with a Master’s in Theological Studies. Hobbies: Lots of coaching and family activities when the kids were young. Now I enjoy Ball Hockey, Golf, Ping Pong, and have graduated into everyone’s favourite, “Seniors Sport”, Pickleball.Grandfather of five. So much easier than parenting.

I have been given the heart of a shepherd and feel very blessed to be able to walk with people, celebrating their joys and victories and bringing encouragement through life’s challenges. 

London has been home now for more than three decades and my wife Gail and I are so pleased to be doing life with the people of London.

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