February Missions Update

Payne Family Update

Bill is just finishing two Weeks in Europe. His first week he spoke in a Compassion and Mercy Ministry focused school. The response was wonderful. He also spoke at a church and later in the week met with the leadership of that church to help with their challenge of how to develop new leaders.

After a week at Heidebeek, Bill went to Amsterdam to teach in two schools. The classes there were equally enthusiastic. Great testimonies from many of the students.
Here is just a little bit of the feedback:

“I especially liked your lecture about the Father heart of God and how He loves each of us with the same love He has for His son. That blew me away and I still can’t grasp it…the pure intensity and depth of that love!”

“this week was really hard for me. I had to let go of things in my Truth Box that hold me back from a real living relationship with God. Thank you so much for starting this process of revelation.”

“you’ve opened my eyes to a whole new understanding to having a relationship with God”

Bill will be home for two days and then off to Toronto to speak in a staff conference where he’ll be challenging about 35 missionaries. He’ll be speaking on Missionary values and finishing the task of the Great Commission.

Please pray for Bill and for the family on the Home Front.

Tinie, Bill and Evan

November Missions Update

Bill just returned from California where he taught in a two missions schools about to go to Africa for three months as well as doing leadership Development with the staff. Home for only a week, he is now off to Europe. The first week is in Norway where again he will teach in a Mission school and do some leadership development. Holland is next for yet another missions school but Bill will also meet several times with the elders and leadership of a church. Bill has been helping this church for the last few years with their missions and discipleship strategies. it is going very well.

We are so thankful for all your prayers and support. Please continue to pray for Bill’s trip. He had another episode of a twisted bowel while in California. This resolved itself after a couple of days but it can be very serious. Thank you for those who prayed. We believe God heard those prayers.

Our new house is coming along. Lots of repairs and fixing up but what a blessing to be in our own home again – another answer to your prayers. And a special THANK YOU for all those who have helped us with moving and renovating, painting and giving and encouraging. Thank you and Thank you Lord.

Tinie, Bill and Evan

October Missions Update

We are so overwhelmingly thankful to our Lord that we finally moved into our new home and our prayer is that this home will be a blessing to us as a family and to many others. We pray it will be a place of hospitality and generosity – welcoming and blessing many.

Bill is leaving this Saturday and will be teaching and ministering in California with YWAM- DTS. This base is close to our hearts and it is exciting to invest more in the staff, leaders and students. Investing in the multipliers who are going to different places all over the world to make Him known.

We appreciate prayer for Bill specially because after this trip he will be home for a short time and than off to Norway and Holland where he will be teaching and ministering in 2 schools, doing leadership development and spending a week with the Eldership of a mission minded church (Bill has been helping this church over the years with their vision and mission strategies).

Still many things need to be done in and around the house. So we are trusting the Lord for strength and provision for all what has to be done. Buying the house and getting all the work done has really been a faith project. As missionaries, In the natural, we should not have been able to buy a house. But the Lord did the impossible. So many of you were praying for us as we started to look for a house over a year ago. And God has answered those prayers. Thank you for joining with us in faith, believing God would provide. And he has provided a wonderful home because of your prayers. But we still need prayer for all the details, all the work. And it continues to be quite a financial challenge for us to pay for two moves in less than a year as well as many unexpected costs of purchasing a house. We appreciate your prayers for this and for continued provision from God.

We are so thankful for Ridgeview that they are so mission focused. So many people have come forward to help us during this move and we know that many more have been praying for us and for our ministry.

Thank you Ridgeview family for all your love and care. We appreciate all the prayers.

Love and blessings, Tinie, Bill and Evan

Payne Update from June 30, 2016

Missions Update and Thank You from the Paynes

Bill, Evan and I want to express our deep appreciation to our RidgeView family. The last weeks have been difficult for me as we traveled to Holland in a rush for my Mom’s funeral. Everything happened so fast. The loss of my Mom is really just impacting me now. Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers. It meant the world to me knowing that there was a caring family back home holding us up in prayer. And we want to thank you for all of your support and for those who helped with some of the unexpected costs of this trip. One of our airfares was completely paid for by extra gifts from RidgeView and that has lifted a financial burden as well. Thank you again.

On the missions side, Bill has just finished another very busy season of travel and ministry to Holland, New York, Virginia, Sweden, Norway etc. Bill spoke at Ridgeview for three Sundays while Pastor Mike was on Holidays and he has just finished the six week Discipleship Training Course.

Bill has been asked to work on another writing project. He will content edit a book over the next months – this essentially means checking the theological connections and integrity and proposing additional Biblical thoughts and support for the project. The last book on “Evangelism” by Ross Tooley was a great success.

We are still looking for a home and really appreciate your prayers.

Our son, Jared and his family will be in Ontario for the next 2 weeks and we will spend as much time as we can with him.

Thanks again for all your prayers, encouragement and support.

Love Tinie, Bill and Evan