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The WHY Book: Money well spent or wasted?

I love the campaign Mastercard did a number of years ago where it outlined specific costs made with their card that led to an overall experience that was… “PRICELESS”.

People are right to presume that the quality of the WHY books represent a cost. What’s interesting is that it wasn’t churches who paid for this to happen. It was individuals who have a relationship with God that, in their eyes, that relationship translated into something of great value.

The question well spent or wasted clearly presents the opportunity for both arguments to be right.

When we spend our money it is based on necessities and values. Value subjectively ascribes significance or worth to you. You will spend your money carelessly or sacrificially on things you want or believe can make your life better or someone else’s life better.

Individuals and businesses that have supported the production of this book decided this would be a wonderful way to celebrate the role of God in their life, and the church in community here in Canada for more than 150 years.

More than dollars in production, are the many volunteers who have prayer for every home in London and the surrounding area by address over this past year and a half. Christians have placed value in prayer and have walked the neighborhoods you live in asking God to bless you and your family, to provide jobs, to decrease the crime rate, to help restore broken relationships, and to reveal the wonder of a personal relationship with God through Jesus. They were not naïve to believe that everyone would appreciate this gift. But for those who would… Priceless.

Imagine the number of volunteers who bagged the books and delivered them to you. They placed value on the possibility of someone receiving this and giving God a chance to change their life just like the stories in the magazine.

There are those who may still determine this was a waste of money, but for those who invested sacrificially to support the book going to so many… Priceless!